3D Machine Vision – Ranger3

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Type: V3DR3-30NE31111 | Part no.: 1109564

Your Benefits

  • Unique CMOS sensor enables fast 3D measurement speed for increased throughput
  • Reliable and accurate measurements on dark and bright surfaces enable flexible production – an enabler for Industry 4.0
  • High light sensitivity allows 3D inspection without higher laser power
  • Accurate shape, volume and position measurements for a wide range of objects improving product quality
  • Standardized software integration with GigE Vision and GenICam
  • Easy mechanical integration thanks to a compact housing, the ProFlex-Front, industrial connectors and 4Dpro accessories

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Highly accurate and with an unmatched measurement speed, the next generation Ranger3 streaming cameras can be configured for a wider range of needs. Powered by our unique 3D sensor tailored for demanding vision applications, Ranger3 will serve as a key component in inspection systems worldwide. The camera extracts the true 3D shape of an object, regardless of its contrast or color and as a result, improves quality for a multitude of products. Cost-effective integration is guaranteed through GigE Vision and GenICam compliance. Ranger3 offers big 3D performance in a small housing.

At a glance
  • CMOS sensor from SICK with ROCC technology for superior 3D performance
  • Processing of up to 15.4 gigapixels/s.
  • Full-format 3D profile at 7 kHz
  • Sensor resolution: Up to 2,560 x 832 px
  • GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
  • 3D, reflective, and scattered light measurement in one device
  • Industrial housing, optional IP65/67 enclosure rating


Fields of applications

  • Electronic component and PCB inspection
  • Tire quality control
  • High-speed railway and road surface inspection
  • Dimensioning of tubes in the metal industry
  • Packaging and in-line food quality control
  • Quality inspection and classification in the wood and furniture industry

Quality inspection, high-speed
Measuring, 3D


3D Line Scanning

Product category

Streaming, flexible

Shutter technology


Example of field of view

Free of choice by lens selection

Exposure mode

Linear / HDR


To be ordered separately as accessories

Data synchronizatino

Free running, encoder triggered, external triggering


Barcode scanning, Dimensioning, Weighing, parcel photo-shooting, Data transferring

3D measurement

Scatter measurement

Reflectance measurement

Spectral range

400nm … 950nm



Optical format



To be ordered separately as accessories

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